APSS Core Objectives

  1. The APSS involves in scholarly research activities in the field of politics and development, and communicates them domestically, regionally, and internationally.
  2.  The APSS promotes high quality teaching and education about politics and government, economics, political economy, sociology/anthropology, philosophy, culture, history and other social science disciplines.
  3. The APSS serves the public, including disseminating research and preparing citizens to be effective citizens and political participants.
  4. The APSS promotes the exchange of ideas and experience, mutual understanding, as well as the equal rights and opportunities among young generation across the country and beyond.
  5. The APSS takes necessary actions to increase the participation of young and new generation of population in society and decision-making process meaningfully.
  6. The APSS positively influence policy issues affecting citizens and general welfare of Nepalese society, by being a recognized institution among political stratum and civil society in Nepal and regionally.
  7. The APSS upholds intercultural understanding, democracy, respect, diversity, human rights, active citizenship, and solidarity domestically, regionally and internationally.